With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, getting a good meal on the table at dinnertime can be a challenge. With work, school, sports, hobbies, and more, you may feel like getting food prepared and served is more than you can handle every night of the week. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, tonight is probably a great night to take the family (or yourself!) out to a restaurant! Read on for some great reasons to eat at a restaurant—some of them may surprise you!

Save Time

Are you across town from home and returning to a pantry with foods that will take an hour to turn into a meal? Or do you need to stop at the grocery store before you even have ingredients to cook with? If you are already hungry (or worse, have hungry kids), the time to cook might be too much for everyone to handle. Save so much time when you choose to make it a restaurant night! You can immediately order and have your food on the way, and then not have anything to clean up afterwards! Sometimes nothing is more important than your time, and eating at a restaurant can be a great way to save time.

No Dishes

Do you want a break from the endless stream of dishes at your house? If you know your dishwasher is already full, and the meal you have envisioned will use at least ten pots or pans, you might love the break! Let someone else handle all of the hard work, and take a break from the dishes tonight. For the mom or dad who always does the dishes, this can be the best part of the entire meal!

Great Flavors

Are your cooking skills sub-par? Is toast or cereal the extent of your dinnertime menu? If you love to eat, but don’t know how to recreate your favorite meals, eating at a restaurant can give you a great, flavorful meal that a skilled cook prepares. If you have no idea how to make lasagna, or create a great salad, or, like most of us, don’t own a deep fryer, going to a restaurant can bring you all of those dishes and more! Restaurants have the equipment, skill, and ingredients to make delicious food that not everyone can recreate at home.

Time With Friends and Family

Do you like to have friends and family over for dinner, but end up feeling stressed at the end of the night? Entertaining can be great, but oftentimes you don’t get to enjoy your food, are worn out by the end of the evening, or are constantly going back and forth to the kitchen and miss out on the great conversation. Going to a restaurant gives you time to enjoy your friends and family without having to worry about the next course coming out of the oven. Great conversation can be had around the table, and everyone can just enjoy the company instead of worrying about the food.

A Restaurant Has Choices

Another great thing about a restaurant is all of the varied food selections. If you have one picky eater in the family, they can choose what they want to eat without everyone else having to suffer. Adventurous eaters can choose something they have never tried before, and everyone at the table can be eating something different at the same time. Imagine how long it could take at home to make every family member their own individual meal! This is the beauty of going to a restaurant, everyone can get their favorite items. At Maggio’s, we have Italian, Greek, Mediterranean, American, and Spanish flavors, meaning everyone can have a completely different and delicious meal. You could even order an Italian appetizer and a Greek main dish—you have all the choices at a restaurant!

Restaurants Are Fun!

Going to a restaurant can be a fun excursion that feels different and special. If you eat at home every night, the whole family might enjoy getting out of the house and doing something new. Going out to eat is a social activity that can be a place to meet up with friends, reconnect with family, or even meet a new date! Maggio’s takes the fun one step further with our hookah lounge in addition to our amazing restaurant. Hookah provides a great experience for relaxing, reconnecting, and socializing, and we want our restaurant to be a place where you relax and we do the work!

Trying New Things

A restaurant is a great place to try out foods and flavors that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. You may not know how to make Greek food, but after tasting Maggio’s Souvlaki, Gyros or Kebabs, you may be a lifelong Greek food fan. You may already like pizza, but have you tried Maggio’s Pizza Florentine, or Pizza Polla? A restaurant is a great place to try out new flavors and combinations that you have never thought of before, and find new favorites!

So what are you waiting for? Maggio’s is a great place for dinner tonight, and our large selection of delectable dishes is sure to please you and all of your dining companions. Whether you feel like Italian dishes, Greek favorites, or American classics, we have the best flavors! If you are looking for a break from cooking and washing dishes tonight in Alexandria, choose Maggio’s restaurant and take the time to relax and enjoy!