Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for. We can once again walk outside without having to zip up, we don’t need to mutter some choice expletives while scraping the ice from our car — no. That time is behind us. Warmer weather is, at long last, here — and it looks as though it intends to stay.

The best things about spring and summer are seemingly limitless, but there’s one that stands out: picnic season. As our pizza restaurant in Alexandria knows, those winter storms and ungodly humid days in late summer make it impossible to dine al fresco. In these early days of summer, there’s nothing better than packing up a basket and a blanket and hitting the grassy slopes of parks near and far.

Maggio’s Italiano loves all things food, and so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about picnic season. Take a look at some ways you can step up your picnic game, and order from our pizza restaurant for some truly tasty pies, as well as pastas, Mediterranean, and even Peruvian cuisine!

Plan Ahead

In many an excellent book or movie plotline, characters are about to embark on an outdoor adventure — only to be befuddled and duped by a sudden rainstorm. Don’t be like these characters. Instead of picking a day and trying to stick to it, look ahead at the forecast and find a day that would be ideal for picnicking. This will solve any potential glitches in your plans, and make for an incredibly relaxing and fun day.

Pack the Essentials

For a perfect picnic, you don’t need a tricked-out camper or some kind of portable TV. Some of the best things about picnics are the simplicity of it all, and getting to enjoy some fine dining and fine weather. Here’s a list of things that you should have every time you picnic — the food options and ingredients can (and should) be swapped out:

  • Cutlery
  • Blanket
  • Napkins
  • Plates, if the meal calls for it
  • Food and beverages

*Optional Items*

  • Speakers to play music
  • Sunglasses to look cool
  • Sunscreen
  • Frisbee or other easy-to-pack sport

Consider an Activity

Your picnic activity could very well just be lazing around in the sun and experiencing the quintessential summer nap (post-food, of course). Or it could be playing some catch, trying out some wiffle ball, and breaking out the bean bag boards. We’d also recommend grabbing some adult coloring books and supplies to have a wonderful outdoor art sesh. Sometimes sports and activities are fun for groups to enjoy, but again, picnicking itself can absolutely be the main event.

Pick the Right Location

A park is a superb choice for a picnic — unless, of course, the spot you choose is right next to a splash pad or an intense soccer match. If you’ve never been to the park you’re planning to picnic at, that’s more than fine! But there’s something to be said for getting a chance to explore and really settle on a location.

Additionally, you want any potential guests who are joining you to have an idea of where to find you. Pick some kind of landmark that’s relatively close, like a huge willow tree or a statue that’s about 50 yds. in the distance. Make sure you consider both sun and shade as well! Some people will become uncomfortable if they’re in the direct sun the whole time, and some will grow cold from being shaded for too long.

Pick the Right Food

Those classic sandwiches and cliche cheese boards are delightful, and epitomize picnic foods. But at our pizza restaurant in Alexandria, we think you should look outside the box. Instead of buying all the ingredients for sandwiches or four types of cheese that will likely go bad before you use them next, rely on some incredible food delivery! Maggio’s Italiano offers pizza, pastas, gyros, chicken souvlaki, American food, and so many other amazing choices that we could truly go on and on. All we’re trying to say is that your picnic food choices should match what you’re in the mood for, and not be expected to live up to the confines of a traditional picnic meal.

Now that you’re all hyped to get outside and chow down on some delicious food (it always seems to taste better outside, doesn’t it?), it’s time for you to place your order with our pizza restaurant in Alexandria. Our food delivery options are the perfect and easy way for you to get set up for an amazing picnic, without any hassle. Check out our online Italiano menu, as well as our pizza menu, to find the best that Alexandria has to offer, delivered straight to your doorstep. Order Maggio’s Italiano online or feel free to give us a call at (703) 436-4159 today!