You’re staying away from the cold in the depths of winter, or you’re avoiding leaving the house (and wearing anything but sweats) for the next 24 hours. You’re having people over for the big game, you’re treating the whole family and taking a night off cooking. No matter what your reason, you’ve decided that food delivery is the way to go tonight, and you know that Maggio’s Italiano has got your back.

With pizza, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean, and American food options, there’s something for every mood and every craving at Maggio’s Italiano. Our food delivery goes far past the basic and common pizza options—we can bring the best in pastas, Greek food, and so much more! A theme that has been consistent since the dawn of food delivery is one that’s not only important, but needs to be addressed. Since food delivery is different than eating at a restaurant, the matters of etiquette are essential to consider. Oftentimes people wonder, how much do I tip? What should I expect to be included? What if I’m so hungry that I feel like I might start eating my couch if my food doesn’t arrive soon?

Maggio’s Italiano is here to address those etiquette questions, and lay it all out on the table. And when you’re ready to place your order, we’re ready to prepare and deliver you the meals that are going to make your entire life complete. Give us a call or order online today!

Consideration No. 1: Time

Time is a tricky thing in the world of food delivery etiquette. People can give you an estimate—and it’s usually a solid, reasonable one at that—but it’s still a general idea. There are several factors to consider the next time a restaurant tells you a wait time that makes your eyes bulge:

Weather: Especially in Alexandria, we know that our roads and temperatures can run the gamut. It’s super important to remember that your wait time will absolutely increase if the weather is bad—and it’s even more important to remember being patient. If one route takes longer, it can offset the entire route, and make it difficult for the driver to catch up.

Time of Day: If you’re ordering food at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, you might not have a problem getting food delivered relatively quickly. If you’re like everyone else and are ordering food at 5 p.m. on a Friday, it’s going to take longer. Make sure to plan around this, or call ahead to get an idea of how much time it will take.

In the event your order is taking an unusually long time (as in more than 20 minutes past the estimate), it’s OK to call back in and check on your order. The other factor to consider with a longer-than-anticipated wait time boils down to the previously mentioned situations. If there’s a blizzard outside, “unusual” will probably be more like 45+ minutes—it’s still fine to call and check, but be considerate of those working who are more than likely swamped.

Consideration No. 2: Tip

This is a completely grey area in the world of food delivery. Whereas 20 percent of the bill is industry standard in a restaurant, food delivery is a bit different, because you’re getting a different kind of service. At least, that’s what people often question.

Sources tend to differ on the answer. CNN Money states that it should be at least 10 percent, and 15-20 percent in difficult situations, such as inclement weather. However, the same article also posits a 15 percent tip, with a minimum of $2. An article by Eater insists tipping at least $5, even if the bill is only $10. As they state, “You’re paying for the privilege of not leaving your home, not directly compensating the delivery person for the minimum wage equivalent of his or her labor.”

There’s a range of answers, but one of the things to understand is that delivery drivers are rushing about, trying to get you your food on time—as well as everyone else their food, too. Tipping at least 15 percent is a good middle ground and starting place, but remember that 20 percent can not only make a difference in a person’s life, it can make a difference in their living and income.

In a future blog, we’ll dive into some other food delivery etiquette tips to help you make informed and courteous decisions. But in the meantime, know that Maggio’s Italiano has the food delivery in Alexandria to make your meals easier to plan—and we’d argue tastier, too. Order from our Italian restaurant for pizza, wings, gyros, and so much more!