We love amazing food, which of course means that, by default, we love pasta and pizza. There’s just something magical about the combination of carbs and sauce and cheese, and when you order food delivery from Maggio’s Italiano, you can guarantee nothing short of a mouthwatering, cheese-pulling, overall sensation of a meal.

When it comes to incredible delicacies, no one can beat the classics — but there are plenty who have tried. And have they succeeded? Or have they fallen completely short, disgracing the very name that Italian food stands upon? There are plenty of crazy twists on some classic Italian dishes, and our Italian restaurant is going to take a look at a few of the standouts. Read on, and when you start drooling ever-so-slightly with hunger, order Maggio’s Italiano online, or give us a call at (703) 436-4159!

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza

This seems somewhat tame to the rest of the options on our list, but mac ‘n’ cheese pizza was one of the earliest breaks from tradition. It’s hard to trace where this pizza started, but it goes without saying that it’s downright delicious. Usually served on a thinner crust with a white sauce, actual mac ‘n’ cheese is the topping of choice, and we can all appreciate such innovation.

Tequila Lobster Pizza

According to Time, this pizza is exclusively made upon request at a restaurant in New York, and contains “lobster, Osetra caviar, black truffle shavings, avocado, mango, and edible platinum flakes.” There’s also three shots of Patrón added to the pizza itself, and it can be purchased for a very reasonable $500. We’d like to say this is a pizza you’ll remember, but with the tequila shots, we’re not certain.

Taco Pizza

You’d think we’re talking about a fairly common type of pizza that involves ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese, and a regular pizza crust, but you’d be wrong. No, this crazy twist comes from a New Jersey pizza restaurant, in which it’s a pizza crust that’s topped with more than 20 actual tacos, surrounding a circle of guacamole and sour cream. You might need a friend to help you on this one, but if not, we’re not about to judge.

Peach Pasta

Shell noodles + gouda + cheese sauce + prosciutto are all things that sound incredible when combined — and then comes the final ingredient: peaches. To be quite honest, we’re not sure how the flavor of peaches fits into this palate schema, but we’re not ruling it out entirely, either. Especially with summer and as the peaches are in season, this might be a great way to incorporate some fresh produce and tastes of summer. Take a look at the recipe for yourself and see what you think!

White Chocolate Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Mac ‘n’ cheese pizza is one thing, but macaroni with white chocolate? Now that’s just ridiculous. However, considering it’s alternative name is “crack mac,” maybe it’s a “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” sort of deal. Truly, this pasta dish has over a pound of cheese, sage, nutmeg, the amount of butter you would expect from mac ‘n’ cheese, and a cup of white chocolate chips. Saying this dish is rich is truly an understatement.

For the Classics, Come to Maggio’s!

There are tons of interesting and zany twists on classic Italian dishes, but most of the time, you probably just want an Italian dish that’s timeless, and won’t leave you doubled over with indigestion. We have incredible spaghettis, blissful bologneses, and even Mediterranean dishes that are sure to leave you satiated and satisfied. Check out our Italiano menu, and dine with us in Alexandria today!