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Celebrate The First Week Back At School

a couple having a picnic with their children

The first days back at school are exciting, nerve-wracking, and since they mark the start of something new, it’s only fair that this is cause for celebration. The kids are probably going to be exhausted — and for those starting high school, a bit frazzled. Parents are likely feeling the pressure of figuring out new schedules, and all of this change makes it the perfect time to slow down, reflect, and celebrate the fact that you made it through the week. And if you don’t have kids or aren’t going back to school, you’re still just as deserving of a delicious, celebratory food delivery order from Maggio’s Italiano. 

Find out how you can celebrate the first week back, and order some perfectly-created pizza, incredible Italian cuisine, amazing American fare, and so much more from Maggio’ Italiano in Alexandria!

Have a family meal

At the end of the week, everyone who went back to school is going to have lots to share — and parents likely aren’t feeling like cooking up a three-course meal. Save on time and cleanup by ordering food delivery for the whole family to enjoy! Everyone can share about their past week at school, talk about the teachers they like and the classes they’re worried about, dine on some delicious food, and get that much-needed time to unwind. And while you’re all relaxing…

Turn Friday into a movie night

This could be a one-time thing, a monthly family activity, or something that you guys do every week (especially when the kids are younger and schedules aren’t packed, this works really well). Everyone just had a crazy busy week back into the swing of things, but having a movie night is a great way to spend some laid back family time together. Watch some new movies, but bring back some classics as well — kids are sure to love “The Sandlot,” “The Goonies,” and who can forget the original “Star Wars?” Don’t forget the popcorn!

from our family to yours order online!

Go for a picnic

Switch up the normal dining routine by taking everything outside! Pack up the family, the blankets, and a Frisbee or other fun toy to toss around, and head out to an amazing park in the area. Watching the sunset from Founders Park or Waterfront Park simply can’t be beaten, and there’s something quite special about spending time outdoors after a long and hectic week.

Of course, packing up a picnic can be time-consuming — and if you’re already feeling fried after the first week back, you can make everything immensely easier for yourself and your family by simply placing a food delivery order with Maggio’s Italiano! Might we recommend a pizza-styled picnic? Or, go a little fancier and try our famous pollo a la braso to making dining al fresco an amazing experience for all.

hands shaking over a monopoly board

Bring out the board games

The first week back is exciting, but it can pretty stressful as well. It’s important to end the week on a fun note — not only does this counter some of the craziness and structured nature of getting back into school routines, but it also is a positive way to build some excitement for the new school year to come. If your family is super competitive, you might have to have some quick talks about being a good sport, which means losing and winning gracefully. If everyone is super strategic and takes games very seriously, you might not want to play lengthy games like Risk or Monopoly — chances are everyone’s going to start crashing by the time hotels start being bought. Settle for something a little more lowkey, like Apples to Apples or Uno for this first night of board games.

Going back to school is a lot, and having lots of opportunities for laughter and joy and family bonding time is essential in this often-hectic time. You might not always have the chance to do this as schedules get increasingly busy over the school year, so starting off the year on a great note is something that everyone will cherish. Maggio’s Italiano is here to help with any and all celebrations. With our sumptuous pizza and pasta selections, you simply can’t go wrong when you order food delivery with us. Place your order today, and welcome back to school!