After the Christmas hams and the Hanukkah sufganiyot and all of the other delicious and wonderful things we’ve consumed throughout the holiday season, our bodies long for a break. We might find ourselves in the mood for something healthier, and crave foods that are a little less rich—although just as savory. Regardless of any New Year’s resolutions, getting back into healthier routines ultimately feels better, and Maggio’s can help you get there.

The Mediterranean is famous for its incredible food, as well as its healthy eating habits, and Maggio’s Italiano follows in this tradition. While we definitely offer some more savory dishes (such as our delicious wings), we have plenty of fresh and flavorful options that can meet your post-holiday food cravings. Take a look at some healthy eating tips to try out after the holidays, and stop by Maggio’s Italiano for the best in Italian food!

Understand what “healthy” means.

Contrary to the advertising and the buzzwords utilized by many prepackaged food providers, just because something says it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it is. Foods that are labeled “low fat” or “sugar free” are not the only components to a healthy diet, and often are not that great for you in the first place.

Having a well-balanced diet is essential to not only maintaining a healthy weight, but for creating positive eating habits that last a lifetime. Strive to include some grains, plenty of fruits and veggies, and protein in your daily diet—these components will leave you feeling more satisfied and provide your body with the nutrition you need. And as much as it pains us to say this, work towards limiting your sugar intake. This doesn’t mean you need to throw out that plastic candy cane full of Reeses Pieces, but recognize sugar as a treat—not enjoyed in excess, and not a necessity.

Start small.

Maybe eating healthy is normal for you, or maybe this is the year you finally make eating healthy part of your lifestyle. No matter what your starting point is after the holidays, it’s important to start small. After all, you likely have leftover candy from your stocking, or what seems like eight million dinner rolls that you’re not too keen on throwing out just yet.

A lifestyle change or a jump back into routines are not things that need to be implemented immediately. While the determination to start cold turkey is commendable, it’s not necessarily sustainable. Gradually get into healthy eating by planning a healthy meal a few times a week, or plan on one healthier meal a day. Eventually you can step up this goal, but always take things slow and leave room for flexibility.

Change it up!

If you eat the same kale salad every day with the same baked chicken, it’s going to get old. Finding new and different recipes and foods are essential to keep healthy eating sustainable, and fun as well. At Maggio’s Italiano, we believe food is to be enjoyed, and we strive to create amazing dishes that offer the nutrition and flavor you’re looking for. Our Italiano menu offers some incredible Mediterranean dishes for everyone in the family to enjoy, such as hummus and pita, Greek salads, and chicken kebabs, to name a few. Try our chicken souvlaki or lamb shanks, or taste our pollo a la braso! Whichever dishes you decide to try, you’ll get to explore your palate and find new culinary inspiration.

Maintain flexibility.

While you should be conscientious of your eating habits, you should never feel guilty for enjoying a meal. Skipping out on that new burrito place with your friends, refusing to visit your once-favorite brunch place—this takes away the fun from eating! Healthy eating is all about balance, and is most sustainable when you leave room for flexibility. You can still indulge in some wings every now and then, or order that pizza (and with our pizza menu, you’d be crazy not to). Avoid punishing yourself for eating delicious food—it’s one of the best parts of life!

Come to Maggio’s Italiano.

Whether it’s time to treat yourself for eating well all week, or you’re looking for a flavor-packed salad to enjoy, you can find everything you’re looking for at Maggio’s Italiano in Alexandria. Our Italian restaurant serves up the classics—such as phenomenal pizzas and pastas—as well as some incredible Greek dishes. Our gyros, Greek salads, lamb shanks, and seafood options are sure to spice up your eating habits in a healthier way.

We’ve been serving the Alexandria area for years, and know that our customers simply love the food and ambiance at our Italian restaurant. But don’t take our word for it—read our reviews and see what guests have to say about Maggio’s! As Michael S. says, “Love them, best food, best service, keeps us coming back!!! I come here at least 4 times a week and the food and service is the best around.”

Stop into Maggio’s today, we can’t wait to see you!