Welcome back to our blog series on food delivery etiquette! In our first blog, we talked about tipping and considering certain times of day to order. We’ll continue with this topic in today’s blog, going into further detail about the proper food delivery etiquette things to know and standards to uphold.

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We touched on this briefly in our last blog, but weather should absolutely be considered when it comes to food delivery etiquette. The freezing east coast winters or boiling and steaming summers mean that, for many people, staying indoors is highly preferable. And in terms of food delivery, this is a perfectly reasonable example to order in.

That being said, it’s important to keep the golden rule of food delivery in mind: if you don’t want to travel outside for your food, your delivery person likely doesn’t want to either. Dangerous road conditions, sweltering heat—no matter the source or type of weather, always keep this in mind when ordering food to be delivered. Expect longer wait times in certain conditions, and definitely consider tipping your driver a bit extra for their troubles.


Major holidays might find us cooking a lot for ourselves and our loved ones, or for some of us, placing a delicious food order to be delivered to our doorstep. Sometimes it’s amazing to save yourself the hassle of cooking and cleaning for company, and instead getting to focus more on your guests than trying to get everything prepared on time. It’s so much fun getting to celebrate and take some time off with your loved ones—and yet, there’s some etiquette elements to keep in mind as well when you decide to order food for delivery.

Just as you might be fortunate to have some time off, restaurants might also be a bit short-staffed. People often, like you, will want to spend time with their loved ones, and with a smaller number of workers on deck, it’s important to be considerate of wait times.

For those delivering food to you on a holiday, this is also considered a time to go above and beyond when it comes to tipping. The person delivering your pizza or pasta probably would like to be somewhere other than work—your monetary thanks can make a huge difference for them.

TV Premiers or Events

This might seem like a funny thing to remember etiquette for, but these days, it’s pretty common for people to host a viewing party for those big TV shows or events. The Super Bowl, for example, experienced a 41 percent increase in food delivery orders compared to the previous Sunday.

Additionally, anyone in the food delivery world knows what it means when Game of Thrones comes back around, or when The Bachelor season finale takes place. The iron throne or the final rose have millions of people in suspense—and many others waiting with anticipation for the orders to start coming in. If you’re planning on hosting a viewing party for an exciting premier, finale, or other televised moment, keep in mind that you’re not alone—and probably want to plan the proper timing for the food to arrive. And, as always, if the time you’re ordering is a bit busier, have some patience and forgiveness for your driver if they’re running a little behind (and a little extra tip never hurt anyone).

Any Delivery

In the US, we’re pretty unique from other countries when it comes to food service. For many people, they think of a tip as something that requires service—and more specifically, service that goes above and beyond normal expectations. Many countries don’t tip, because those working in food service are paid significantly higher than workers in our food industry.

This is especially important when considering food delivery. Oftentimes, people might not tip as high as they would at a restaurant, because they’re not being waited on or receiving more attention. Even though the service might look different, those delivering food are driving around, and bringing things to your doorstep, and should absolutely be tipped appropriately. For many restaurants, servers or delivery drivers don’t make minimum wage, because they’re expected to cover the difference with tips.

When you have someone delivering food to your door, all of the above situations are important to consider. But just as important to remember is that you’re interacting with a human, and they absolutely deserve respect—in both the social and financial sense.

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