Your friends are the best, your time together is amazing, but the end of winter can sometimes cause all of us to lag and wait impatiently for spring. Instead of waiting for the weather to warm up and the spring things to start, Maggio’s has compiled a list of things to do in Alexandria to ensure you’re loving your days and living them to the fullest—not just wishing them away.

After all, time and the seasons are like the delicious food that we offer at our restaurant—they should be savored, and are at their best when enjoyed with others. Keep those winter doldrums away this winter by stopping at Maggio’s, or trying any of these events and activities with your friends!

Start a book club.

There’s a reader in all of us, and that reader knows how incredible a really good book can be. Curling up with a good book, warm blanket, and hot cup of coffee is essentially magic. The only thing that can top this situation is getting together with friends who also love books, and getting to nerd out and go full English teacher in its analysis. Talking narrative voice in “The Grapes of Wrath?” Discussing existentialism in “Frankenstein?” Looking for symbolism in “Their Eyes Were Watching God?” Does it get better than that? Only if you added some pizza from Maggio’s or a delicious Italian dish (which we can deliver to your book club!)

Decide on a book either collaboratively, or start a rotating schedule of everyone’s favorite book to read and discuss, then set aside a date and time to meet. This not only encourages you to read and spend some time indoors in a productive way when the outside is a bit more fierce, it brings everyone in the best of ways.

Revisit some youthful days.

Whether your friend group was formed before, during, after, or outside of college, there’s a good chance that you have a number of shared experiences. This could mean checking out that cheap pizza place that’s open until 3 a.m. and seeing if it still lives up to the hype (spoiler alert: it does not), or getting a group together to grab drinks and get some hookah.

For many people, the last time you smoked some hookah with your pals was at a time when your hair was a bit longer and your loft bed a little more elevated. Since Maggio’s offers an exclusive hookah menu, you can revisit those youthful experiences you once had with a whole new lens—and have just as much fun, if not even more.

Organize a craft night.

This doesn’t have to be a wine-and-paint kind of night, and you don’t even have to be all that great at crafting. But getting your friend group together to create some crafty things is absolutely a fun time, and is a different event that will be sure to spice up the winter months. You could bring everyone together to create their own Sharpie mugs, try your hand at string art, or even just host a movie night with tons of fun coloring books strewn about (and just as many coloring materials, of course). Everyone will love not only getting to share in their time together, but will also love getting to take something home to remember the evening and time spent together.

Visit Maggio’s restaurant!

Hey, if you’re busy and can’t plan a bunch of unique and different events, we completely understand. Sometimes one of the best things you can do is get together at a favorite (or brand new) restaurant. After all, spending time with your loved ones will always prevail over the activity itself. Stop by our restaurant today for Italian, South American, and Mediterranean food today—and bring your friends, too!