Let’s face it—the winter doldrums can sit in with all of us at some point or another. When March is rolling in, we’re ready for spring. We want to be outside! We want to go to the park and bask in the sun! We want to ride our bikes and go for walks and see all the adorable puppies being taken out for walks.

As we all know, however, this is more of a hopeful wish than an actuality in Alexandria. Sure, we’ll have some spring-y days, but they can often quickly be followed by snowstorms or freezing winds that remind us that spring is further away than we’d like to admit. However, Maggio’s is an Italian restaurant that has your best interests in mind, and is here to help you say good-bye to the gray and cold days of winter. Take a look at some of the many things you can do with friends as winter begins winding down—and before you know it, warmer days will be here to stay.

Have a movie party.

Going to the movies these days is kind of expensive—a single ticket in Alexandria can be close to $20, and that’s not even with a snack! With that amount of money, you could order food to feed multiple people, and have just as great a time with friends.

In fact, ordering food delivery from Maggio’s is an excellent idea for many reasons. Not only is it more affordable than packing everyone up and going to the theaters, but there’s a level of flexibility that can’t be beat. For starters, movie popcorn with what some call “butter” is delicious, but not nearly as fulfilling as a plate of handcrafted pasta or an enticing Italian pizza. For that one friend who has been craving gyros like it’s their job, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Additionally, having a movie party at home means you get to enjoy everyone’s company a little more. You can talk and comment throughout the film (though be sure to respect everyone else’s needs/wants—and if it’s a new episode of Game of Thrones, then talking is obviously out of the question). For movies you’ve seen before, you can say the best lines as they happen. Sounds pretty great, right?

Additionally, there are so many directions you can take the movie party in. Feature a throwback, like a funny ‘90s film that everyone’s seen, or show a scary movie to really get the adrenaline pumping. Rent one that’s recently come out, or play a movie that’s old and no one’s ever seen, except for that one friend who says you simply have to watch this film. No matter how you swing it, everyone will look forward to getting together to watch a movie, and enjoy some excellent food delivery—all from Maggio’s, of course.

Plan a day trip.

Alexandria is amazing in that it’s close to so many places on the east coast that can be visited thoroughly within a day. Visit the quaint town of Abingdon, or spend a day in historic Williamsburg. Even if you’ve been to these places before, winter is a great time to make some new memories at some old haunts.

As another idea, get a group together and take a trip to a locale that’s entirely new to all of you. Maybe you’ll end spending some amazing time learning about the city’s history, or maybe you’ll just end up bowling at the local alley, but either way, the memories will be priceless.

Try a winter sport.

As tough as snow and ice can be, it’s only here for a little while, and it’s best if you can make the most of it. In fact, enjoying the winter season and creating your own happiness is crucial to making the season a bit more bearable.

For any skiers or snowboarders (or respective hopefuls), invest in a weekend in the Blue Ridge or Allegheny mountains. Book a cottage or cabin with some friends, and get out on the powder! If you have zero interest in racing down the hills (or reflect back wincingly on the time you crashed into that tree), make the trip all the same! You can rent snowshoes, which is an easy sport for nearly everyone to enjoy—and get some great winter views along the way. Or hang out in the ski lodge with a book and a cup of cocoa while your pals hit the slopes. Either way, trying a winter sport, even if that’s just viewing a winter sport from afar, is a great way to break up the winter doldrums.

Host a random party.

Oftentimes, we organize events with our friends around a certain day or event. Birthdays, promotions, graduations—all of these are solid reasons to get together, but what about the days (and sometimes weeks) where we don’t have a specific reason to celebrate?

There’s not a better time than winter to have a random get-together. Have people over to try their hand at a craft night, throw a ‘70s disco party, host a murder mystery party—whatever you try is sure to be a fun and unexpected reason for your friends to gather. It’s practically a guarantee that this event will not only spice up winter and your calendar, but your friends will be talking about for awhile in the days leading up to the event.

These are just a few of the ideas we have for winter events to keep the colder months fresher than ever. Stay tuned for our next blog post with some more ideas, and as always, visit Maggio’s or order food delivery from us today!