Is there anything better than dessert? Well, our pasta dishes and pizza options are definitely up there, but there’s nothing more satisfying than an incredible sweet plate that finishes off a meal (or is eaten before, we won’t judge). The Italians have always known a lot about sensational food, so it comes as no surprise that dessert is no exception. Maggio’s Italiano is Alexandria’s choice for Italian food delivery, serving up everything from pasta to pizza and everything in between — and yes, this includes incredible desserts. Take our Italian dessert quiz, and place your order or stop by our restaurant today!

1. When did tiramisu become popular in the United States?

a) 1857
b) 1887
c) 1900
d) 1985

2. “Granitas” was the inspiration for and is most similar to…

a) Sorbet
b) Italian ice
c) Chocolate cake
d) Chocolate mousse

3. “Leave the gun, take the _________”

a) Panna cotta
b) Cannoli
c) Semifreddo
d) Zeppole

4. Which of these is not a difference between gelato and ice cream?

a) Ice cream uses less cream than gelato, and has less fat.
b) Gelato is served at a warmer temp than ice cream.
c) Ice cream is served with a scoop, gelato is served with a spade.
d) Gelato has less air than ice cream.

5. Which of the following desserts can you order from Maggio’s Italiano?

a) Chocolate mousse cake
b) Cannoli
c) Tiramisu
d) Cheesecake


  1. d) 1985

Sometime in the eighties is when tiramisu really kicked off in the United States. While many people think of this dessert being one of the most classic and timeless Italian dishes, it actually didn’t take off until the later half of the 20th century.

Tiramisu is this glorious combination of lady fingers, mascarpone, sponge cake, and espresso or some type of coffee liqueur is a dessert that can’t be beat. The spongy, moist nature of the dish is simply divine, and if you’ve never tried it, now’s the perfect time to stop by Maggio’s, or place an order for food delivery. You deserve to treat yourself!

  1. b) Italian ice

Especially on one of these hot, muggy afternoons or evenings in the dog days of summer, you simply can’t say no to a soothing, icy, sweet bowl of Italian ice. With luxurious fruity flavors to cool you down on those scorching Alexandria August days, Italian ice is one of the most perfect summer desserts. Granitas come straight out of Italy, and are a blissful concoction of sugar, ice, and flavoring.

In the United States, Italian ice became popular as a result of Italian immigrants trying to recreate granitas. One such chef, Caterina Di Cosmo, spent time trying to do just that: “She decided to try beating the heat recreating the granitas… she so fondly remembered from her childhood back in the old country. Made not by adding flavor to ice, but by freezing a liquid concoction while mixing it, granitas—like many popular frozen desserts—originated in Sicily, and have since spread around the world.” This quickly became known as “Italian ice” and is still enjoyed by all to this day!

  1. b) Cannoli

Cannoli grew in popularity when referenced in the Coppola classic, “The Godfather.” We won’t give any spoilers if you haven’t seen it (though you really should), but for as scrumptious as these fried, tube-shaped pastry shells with a creamy and sweet filling are, we kind of get why Clemenza was adamant on taking it with him.

  1. a) Ice cream uses less cream than gelato, and has less fat.

For as rich and creamy as gelato is, this often comes as a surprise to people who so dearly love and relish this sensational dessert. But the facts don’t lie — ice cream has a higher fat content than gelato. The lack of air in gelato helps it maintain that dense and creamy flavor, and with less butterfat as a whole, flavors can better stand out, front and center.

  1. All of them!

Maggio’s Italiano offers so many incredible desserts, from traditional Italian dishes to other culinary fares that are just downright tasty. Whether you’re placing a food delivery order or visiting our restaurant, there’s no better time to truly love and enjoy the sweet things that make our life, well, sweeter. Stop by or order onlinetoday, and try all of the amazing plates our Italian restaurant has to offer!