Breakups — a topic that no one wants to deal with. They’re pretty much the worst, and even though they’re often meant to be, and for the best, it doesn’t make them any easier. There’s a standard process that so many of us go through when we find ourselves emotionally checking into the heartbreak hotel, and so much of this process involves finding comfort. We rely on our friends and family to provide some support and encouraging words, we rely on legendary breakup albums from ‘90s female songwriters (looking at you, Jewel and Alanis) for solidarity, and we look to food to fill the void.

Our Italian restaurant can, sadly, not fix the breakup itself (nor the heartache that goes with it), but we can certainly offer some amazing breakup foods that will make you feel better — even if just for a little while. With some of the best options for food delivery in Alexandria, it only makes sense that you check out our pizza menu and Italiano menu. And of course, you can order food delivery when you’re happily single or in a loving relationship as well — but in this blog post, we’re looking out for those who are needing some extra TLC.

Ice Cream

You can get practically anything delivered to your doorstep these days (but are their delivery services as wonderful as Maggio’s Italiano? We think not). Ice cream is no exception to the rule, and is perhaps the iconic breakup food. There’s something wonderful to be said about a perfectly-sized pint (or gallon, we’re not judging) of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and if you feel like throwing some sprinkles and chocolate syrup on top, you should absolutely do so. Pro Tip: Put on an Alicia Keys song that will make you cry, curl up with a blanket, grab the spoon, and bawl your eyes out. This is not yet the time for self-empowerment, but rather, the time for you to embrace and validate how you’re feeling. Don’t worry hon, ice cream is there for you, even if your ex was not.

Fruit Smoothies

Alright, you’re on day four or five of the breakup, and you’re feeling a little bit better. It’s a little less painful, you’ve stopped crying as much, and considering your diet has been mostly potato chips and the aforementioned ice cream, you’re ready for a little nutrition and stability in your life. They messed up! you declare, starting to once again recognize your self-worth (which, by the way, good for you). It’s time for something with vitamins and minerals and nutrients, which means it’s time for a nice fruit smoothie. Preferably one with some kale or spinach thrown in to match your confidence that’s beginning to glow once more.


You were doing great, you felt like everything was looking up, but then something happened that threw you right back into the negative spiral. Maybe a photo popped up on Timehop (really, Facebook?) or perhaps you found something of theirs that you thought you already burned in the ceremonial destruction of relationship evidence. No matter the case, you’ve been triggered back into the old days, and all the progress you felt you made has suddenly seemed to vanish.

First off, it hasn’t, and secondly, this is where your good friend pizza comes in. Pizza is the best friend, the cousin you grew up with, the one who’s there for your highest of highs and lowest of lows and everywhere in between. Maggio’s Italiano has the pizza delivery on lock, and if you need us to arrange the pepperoni in a smiley face or are requiring three sides of ranch, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Pizza is one of our specialties, and we’re committed to making food that helps you.


If cheesy, saucy, delectable pasta makes you feel better, you’re not only right, you’re human. But this pasta from Maggio’s Italiano isn’t going to be a pity pasta. This is the pasta that you enjoy that makes you feel like a human again. You order our chicken alfredo or lasagna, you invite your friends over to hang out, talk about life, and watch movies (but no breakup ones — trust us on that one). As you sink your teeth into a gorgeous piece of buttery garlic bread, you look around and start to remember that you’re going to be OK. Pasta is home, it’s the ultimate comfort food, and it’s a reminder that things will eventually return to normal.

Breakups are, undoubtedly, the worst. Even in the perfect breakup scenario, there’s still some adjustment that happens — and if your breakup gives you the biggest sense of relief and happiness, it’s definitely another reason to celebrate with some food delivery. Let Maggio’s Italiano help you through the recovery, and order online or call for pizza, pasta, Peruvian food, and so much more!